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Do you love it or just like it? Here's how you can find out 

Do you love it or just like it? Here's how you can find out
If you are asked to think back to your college days, there will be at least one person with whom you thought you fell madly in love, but later realized it was nothing but attraction. This is something that happens to almost everyone and it becomes difficult to differentiate between the two.

Here are some ways that will help you find out if it's love or just attraction and save you from unnecessary trouble.

Love at first sight is a myth

While some of you may disagree, the truth is that what we know as love at first sight is simply attraction.

Look at it this way. What is the first thing you see in a person? It should be his or her appearance. And looks cannot be a criterion for falling in love. So, most of the time when you see a person and your heart starts racing, it's attraction. Love takes time to build.

Love is synonymous with care

If you don't mind the other person's suffering, but you enjoy being around them, there's no need to tell you that it's nothing more than attraction.

Love requires care, and if the latter is lacking, there is no way you will be in love with that person, no matter how many perfect explanations you can offer

You only miss them when you are alone

If you're out with your friends and your special someone isn't on your mind at all and it's only when you come home alone after a long day that you miss them, it's a clear sign of withdrawal.

Love does not ask about time or place. If you love a person, he or she is on your mind all the time. If you find yourself thinking about a person only when you are alone or when you are bored, you should think about your feelings for once before calling it love.