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IQOS ILUMA is launched in Albania to accelerate the goal of a smoke-free future

IQOS ILUMA is launched in Albania to accelerate the goal of a smoke-free future

Philip Morris International (PMI) announced the launch of the new smokeless product, IQOS ILUMA in the Albanian market. This is the latest innovative product that does not burn but heats the tobacco for adults who continue to smoke it. For the first time, induction heating technology (SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM TM) is used, which does not use a blade and does not require cleaning.

With the launch of the most innovative IQOS ILUMA series, the experience of adult smokers has been significantly improved and PMI, with the help of science and innovation, has developed several generations of IQOS tobacco heating systems.

IQOS ILUMA is launched in Albania to accelerate the goal of a smoke-free future

"We use innovative technology and expand the field of smoke-free alternatives through the use of a device that significantly enhances the user experience. The launch of IQOS ILUMA, our most innovative device, gives adult smokers another better choice and represents an important step in the ultimate replacement of traditional cigarettes. In response to the preferences and demands of adult consumers, we have developed our most advanced device to date. This commitment to continuous innovation is the foundation of Philip Morris' mission to build a tobacco-free future, and the new IQOS ILUMA is an important step in our efforts to accelerate the end of smoking worldwide," said Lorent Gordi. , the General Director of Philip Morris for the markets of Albania and Kosovo.

He said that science and innovation continue to serve as the main pillars throughout the process.

IQOS ILUMA is launched in Albania to accelerate the goal of a smoke-free future

Market research conducted by PMI shows that IQOS ILUMA offers an improved smoking experience compared to previous generations of IQOS.

This is made possible by the SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM TM - an innovative technology that heats the tobacco inside new types of tobacco sticks made in Italy at the Philip Morris Manufacturing and Technology plant in Bologna, Italy.

The new auto-start feature automatically warms up the device. These bladeless devices offer a cleaner way to heat the tobacco, without burning it, to ensure a more consistent experience. In addition, they do not produce combustion, ash and smoke, and PMI's market research shows that they provide a more pleasant experience compared to previous generations of IQOS.

IQOS ILUMA comes in three device models, which are based on the same technology and like all other IQOS models, heat the tobacco instead of burning it, which reduces the level of harmful chemicals by up to 95 percent on average, compared with traditional cigarettes. Although it contains nicotine, which is addictive and carries certain risks, it is a better option, simpler and more reliable technological product for adults who continue to smoke.

The company's commitment to its vision - a Smoke Free Future - is reaffirmed by its ongoing efforts to pioneer the tobacco industry's shift towards harm reduction through the development of innovative products that are heated rather than burned. Many states that are pursuing a harm reduction strategy have seen a drastic decline in the number of smokers as a result of the widespread adoption of smoke-free alternatives such as smoking devices. The Philip Morris company, as the world leader in products of this type, continues to contribute to these positive changes, both in the world and in the Albanian market.

Data from 82 markets show that tobacco-free products account for 36.2% of Philip Morris International's overall net profits. Since its launch in 2014, the business says around 27.4 million smokers have started using IQOS and approximately 19.7 million have successfully quit smoking. The company's goal is to offer smoke-free options in 100 markets by 2025. Another of PMI's goals is for smoke-free sales to account for more than 2/3 of total sales by 2030.

The new IQOS ILUMA devices are available at all IQOS outlets from December 7, 2023.

IQOS ILUMA is launched in Albania to accelerate the goal of a smoke-free future