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Jane Fonda: You have to stay flexible if you want to keep having sex over 50

Jane Fonda: You have to stay flexible if you want to keep having sex over 50

It takes a long time for Jane Fonda to think about which decade of her life she felt the best. Over a 64-year career in Hollywood, there's no doubt a lot to take in.

"Now I feel better. Is this strange? I'm... how old am I? Eighty five? Actually, I feel better now," she says with a smile.

Speaking from the Cannes Film Festival, Fonda looks more than fine, despite being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in September 2022.

After successful chemotherapy, the cancer is now in remission and Fonda says she feels great. Cancer taught her to live without regrets and do the things she wants to do. She is thoroughly enjoying herself in Cannes, accompanied by her friends Kate Winslet and Eva Longoria. If she's generally slowed down her work pace, it's been hard to tell in recent months as she's continued her Greenpeace activism every week on social media. She became an activist in the 1970s, protesting the Vietnam War and earning the nickname "Hanoi Jane".

Her acting career also continues, with a new movie Book Club: The Next Chapter.

Fonda admits she is blessed and attributes her good health to habits she formed when she was younger.

“I've always stayed fit and exercised - that's always been important to me. It helped me to be good.”

She still works out, even if her routines are less vigorous than the ones she famously performed in "Jane Fonda's Workout," the game-changing fitness video of 1982 that sold 17 million copies and opened up the dominated fitness industry. from men to women.

"When you're my age, you have to train very slowly so you don't get hurt. You can do exactly the same things - but slowly. When I use weights, they are lighter weights. But I still lift.”

“I force myself to do it because it makes a difference not only in my body but also in my brain. If I go too long without taking a long walk or exercising, I tend to get depressed. I come from a long line of depressed people.”

If you want to look and feel your best in your 80s, Fonda advises working through your 40s and 50s.

Her three-point plan for fitness?

"First, you need to stay strong, which means you need to do resistance work, whether it's with resistance bands or weights to keep your muscles strong and protect your bones. The second thing is aerobic fitness – you have to keep your heart strong.” The third pillar is flexibility. "You have to stay flexible. Especially if you want to continue having sex when you're over 50. You should be able to put your feet over your head, right? I can still do this.”

One thing she still doesn't do is dye her hair, embracing her gray at 83. She says she never misses her former color.

"Not for a second. It's so expensive to dye your hair, it takes hours and there's all that chemical stuff on your head."