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This is the best way to cancel plans with friends

This is the best way to cancel plans with friends

We've all been there: you've made plans with friends, but as the day approaches, you're exhausted and would rather sleep in than go out.

Research from Michigan State University suggests that if you want to save a friendship, the best way to cancel a plan with friends is to be honest.

"We found that most people didn't mind the cancellation—they don't feel bad and they understand that things happen," said William Chopik, associate professor in MSU's psychology department and lead author of the study.

There is no need to strain and apologize too much in explaining.

"In general, people just want an advance notice, and a simple text or phone call will do the trick," Chopik said.

Eighty percent of respondents said canceling plans would not affect their friendship. On the other hand, most respondents said that they would be upset if they learned that the reason given was a lie.