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Who better than Mirza is worth hearing again in Pink October

Who better than Mirza is worth hearing again in Pink October

In Pink October we have chosen to bring back the inspiring story of Mirza Alibegaj. The former basketball player from Tirana confessed on the Mira Kazhani Podcast, at the beginning of this year, about breast cancer, a serious battle, but one that was fought with sportsmanship and a lot of love. From sportsmanship, she is characterized as a sportswoman, and she got her love from Niko, the Greek, with whom fate reunited her after 20 years, shortly before the disease appeared.

Mirza never cried. He gathered his forces even before the operation.

"One day before I went to the hospital, I told him: Niko, look at me now, but tomorrow when I come, I'll be as if I'm doing it with my eyes. I don't have one side of my chest," Mirza said.

Today he enjoys full health. He also completed the last chemotherapy. Some advice that she herself would like to have implemented more rigorously, are worth listening to again. That's why we're bringing back the video podcast, wishing all women health and control, control, control, not only in October!

Video interview of Mirza Alibegaj

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