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Cars only emit 1% of CO2 and here's the proof

Cars only emit 1% of CO2 and here's the proof

How much CO2 do cars emit in Europe? The decision to ban internal combustion engines should be based on numbers.

It is said and argued so often that vehicles are the ones that are harming the climate, that no one dares to come out against it. No one has the courage to oppose it, neither the builders nor the politicians. Time is mostly spent discussing what is happening rather than what awaits us and how to avoid it.

It has been said several times that the CO2 emitted by European cars is 1% of the total, without however showing how such a low figure is reached.

The European Parliament has a page dedicated to "CO2 emissions from cars: figures and data". It states that "the transport sector is responsible for 30% of total CO2 emissions in Europe, of which 72% comes from road transport alone".

So far there are high percentages, but so what? How much CO2 does the EU emit? How were they measured?

The European Parliament on the site, despite the title, does not clarify. It is better to leave only the percentages to the readers", he writes.

And on the website of the European Environment Agency, an EU agency, has all the statistics.

Let's take those of 2019. Transport emitted 0.825 gt (billion tons) of CO2, of which 60.7% of cars would be 0.501 gt. Now we just have to weigh this half billion against total world emissions: how much? The EEA doesn't say this, of course, but according to the International Energy Agency there were about 50 gt in 2019. That explains the 1% share.

CO2 emissions in Europe are falling, but abroad they are increasing by 1% every three years.

Banning thermal cars in 2035 is not wrong just because it sacrifices jobs. It is simply a vain thing, made for fashion and tolerated out of fear.