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What happens when a former flight attendant sees her old photo at the airport

What happens when a former flight attendant sees her old photo at the airport

Gwendolyn Bruhn, 94, traveled from her home on the Hawaiian island of Oahu to the Hawaiian island of Maui to attend her great-granddaughter's wedding.

At the inter-island departures terminal at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu, Bruhn came face to face with an unexpected surprise. On the terminal wall was a large photograph from 1947, depicting Hawaiian Airlines flight attendants lined up in front of a plane, each wearing the uniform of the time: shirt and flowers in their hair.

For Bruhn, this photograph was not only an interesting look into the history of aviation. It was a glimpse into her past.

"I thought, 'Oh my god,'" Bruhn told CNN Travel. "I saw my photo, as I was years ago."

Bruhn is one of the Hawaiian Airlines flight attendants pictured. She is on the far right, in the upper corner of the frame, looking at the camera.

"I was surprised and flattered that a picture of me was on the wall," she says today.

"I didn't expect to see myself after looking back years as a flight attendant, but I was very honored," says Bruhn.

Hawaiian Airlines was launched in 1929, just a year after Bruhn was born. Bruhn was a flight attendant for the airline from 1947 to 1950.

Bruhn is her married name-- when she started flying, at 19, she was still Gwendolyn Kamai.

While today Hawaiian Airlines carries passengers all over the world, in its early years the carrier only flew within Hawaii.

"I'm glad I spent my time with Hawaiian Airlines," she continues. "I'll never forget how lucky I was to have all these memories. When I see younger girls now in uniform, I smile to myself. And I say, 'I know exactly what they must be going through.'