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A CEO shares the 5 toxic personality types he sees all the time: I stay away from you

A CEO shares the 5 toxic personality types he sees all the time: I stay away

By Matt Higgins/ The world is full of toxic people and working with them is a pain. The key is to learn how to identify them early, but this can be challenging.

In my 10 years of being a CEO, investor, and founder, I've worked with thousands of people in business, and there are five types of toxic personalities that I see over and over again.

To avoid working with these people as much as possible, look for these signs:

1. Resource holders

Holders are unable to give praise or feel happy when someone else steps up and contributes to a group success. They are bound by insecurity or the need for dominance.

They resent anyone who possesses abilities they do not. If you are thriving, they see it as their mission to bring you down.

2. Kidnappers

Raiders are essentially resource grabbers with the added bonus of aggression. They want to trade on your weakness, take what you excel at and claim it as their own.

3. Victims

Victims live in a country of constant injustice. They see every collision as confirmation that they are being unfairly targeted.

The victim's central argument may be that they are too busy. So put your hand up to volunteer, but know that your offer will likely be rejected. Moving forward, remind them that you are willing to help.

4. Martyrs

Martyrs are like victims who actually do the work, but don't do it as well as they want to be rewarded.

They take on as much as they can handle - not to help the team, but to confirm the narrative that they are unfairly forced to shoulder the burdens of others.

5. Manipulators

Manipulators will spend their energy trying to rewrite reality, to the detriment of everyone around them. They often possess narcissistic traits.

They combine the qualities of Keepers, Raptors, Victims and Martyrs all in one.

*Matt Higgins is an investor and CEO of RSE Ventures.