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A message to all mothers: You are always wrong, try less!

A message to all mothers: You are always wrong, try less!

By Daria Bignardi/ I have given myself a mission in life, and that is to remind women not to overdo it, because when we are thirty or forty, no one tells us and we often reach fifty exhausted. That's why I remind you that for every holiday to work as little as possible and at every beginning of the school year that there is no need to worry about the children's school. Food? You don't need to make them fresh sandwiches - buy them an organic snack and make them happy.

I - I always remember - my mom would give me 100 lira to buy me what I wanted and I would dream about the sandwich she made, so I made it for years to my daughter, who would dream that I would give her the money to buy what she wanted. You're always wrong, it's worth putting in as little effort as possible.

Parents' conversations? Don't take them too seriously. Dates, recitals, pizza, sports, piano, circus school, English? Calm down, I'm not a life or death person.

And neither is sleep, homework, fights with friends that seem like tragedies and then fade like tears in the rain. Did your parents make you snacks every day? Did your parents talk to you about everything, did they pay for your sports, music and language courses? I do not think so.

And that's why you grew up depressed or traumatized? I do not think so. School is especially important because it is their first real social experience. Let them rush themselves, organize their homework, fight with their friends, and they will enjoy it more. They don't learn much? I'm sorry to tell you, but the teacher is almost always right: they should try harder. And if they don't study patience, they will study it later, in high school, in university, when they are doing something they like. Or they will not study and become new millionaires in cryptocurrencies and Nft.

*Daria Bignardi is an Italian journalist, novelist and presenter.