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Palming, a technique to relax the eyes and mind

Palming, a technique to relax the eyes and mind

Among the many techniques aimed at relaxing the mind and body, there is none that focuses on a very specific part of our face, the eyes for example.

The eyes are constantly in contact with the external environment and at work throughout the day. They are tired especially today in the age of smartphones that we are living in.

A technique called palming aims to relax the eyes and the mind, in a simple way. Something everyone can do.

A very useful technique that can really make a difference in our lives, bringing with it a number of unexpected benefits and requiring only a few minutes a day to guarantee relaxation.

What is palming?

Palming is a technique that involves a series of simple exercises that can be performed wherever and whenever you feel the need to calm your eyes and mind throughout the day.

But how is it practiced and how can you benefit and relax your eyes and mind?

The practice of palming, as mentioned, is not complicated. A technique that originated in yoga and the book Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha. To perform palming correctly, in fact, it is enough to follow a few steps, taking care to breathe deeply and slowly during the execution, the so-called diaphragmatic breathing. Therefore, to practice palming, you will first need to warm the palms of your hands by rubbing them together or if that is not enough, you can even put your hands under hot water for a few moments.

Once you're done and in a comfortable, sitting or supine position (and preferably in an environment free of noise or distractions), you'll need to place your palms over your eyes. Without applying any pressure, but feeling the heat in your eyes, and taking care to hold the position for a few minutes, from five to ten, or at any rate until you see complete darkness, relaxing your sight and mind through the darkness and warmth in your hands.

Palming, in fact, allows you to devote a few moments to yourself, relieving the tension and frenzy of the day and focusing only on your well-being. In this way, thanks to palming it is possible:

relieve any ailments that come from tired, heavy or dry eyes, preventing possible problems related to vision;

reduce the fatigue that appears on the face, relaxing the muscles and giving you a more relaxed and calm appearance;

reduce the state of tension and stress;

disconnect from routine and digital devices, which interfere with the well-being of our eyes.

In short, lots of benefits with minimal effort.

What should be considered?

Of course, all the benefits are achievable if you do it correctly.

Apart from choosing a suitable environment, a comfortable position but with a very straight back and taking care to breathe deeply and using the diaphragm, it is very important not to put any pressure on the face, or eyes with the hands, or even in the cheekbones.

The eyes, while performing palming, should be closed, easily and delicately.

And finally, it is also important not to put your hands too close to your nose, obstructing breathing.