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We promote the figures of our nation

We promote the figures of our nation

The history of our nation and country has created and carried over the years figures, personalities, heroes of whom we should be proud and we should remember them at all times, for the values ​​they have marked in each of us.

This is also the goal of the new campaign of the "Lufra" company: to promote the figures of our nation through a traditional Albanian drink.

The figures selected for this campaign, from Queen Teuta, Skënderbeu, Ismail Qemali, Mother Teresa, Shote Galica and Adem Jashari belong to different times, moments, events and approaches... but gathered under a common denominator: as values ​​of Albanian nation.

It is not without purpose that the summer season has been chosen for this campaign when the flow of tourists reaches its peak and when our tradition and values ​​can be strongly promoted even for foreigners who choose to visit and spend their holidays in Albania, which has not only natural beauties such as attraction but also the tradition, history and prominent figures who wrote it.

Anyone, while choosing to refresh themselves with a traditional Albanian product, such as Lufra buttermilk, can recognize or recall for a moment the beautiful Albanian history, for which we should feel proud, we should remember and appreciate it at all times. Lufra, the company that carries tradition as its main value, will always continue to carry out this mission.