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The unsolicited work of the Albanian Post for accomplished and successful young people

The unsolicited work of the Albanian Post for accomplished and successful young

They are the past, present and future. The progress of our society is identified with them; the academic journey and the destination of students in the labor market, is undoubtedly a constant challenge that takes time. Support and support to achieve the best should never be missing. Albanian Post is located next to each of them, sharing common interests, consecutive experiences, but also visionary initiatives.

It is enough to mention the space dedicated to the exhibition of old postal objects - stamps and philatelic objects - to understand that now, thanks to the Albanian Post, new generations will have the opportunity to get to know another corner of history, although its chronology remains marked from the period of the construction of the Albanian state until today.

Nothing is more valuable than having young people who embrace cultural and historical values. Above all, when such an act is not accompanied by the inevitable need to detach from the fruits of the moment.

The Albanian Post offers students the opportunity to carry out teaching practice and internships near different departments of the institution, to understand how it works practically, but also to know about its power in the market, the types of products it offers, the infrastructure , etc. The internship program lasts for a period of time from 1-3 months and is based on the agreements that the Albanian Post has with the universities of various branches in the country.

What else is worth mentioning is the opportunity to be further involved in the recruitment processes for the vacant positions that may be available at the Post Office.

Posta Shqiptare i përkrah studentët në çdo çast, edhe në nisje të cikleve të studimit, duke ofruar pikërisht komunikim dhe shërbim të pashembullt nga punonjësit e çdo zyre postare. Por çfarë është më e rëndësishme, pagesa e tarifës së regjistrimit kryhet me komision të ulët, thuajse të papërfillshëm.

Dhe si për të rikonfirmuar angazhimin dhe besnikërinë e saj ndaj të rinjve, çdo maturant dhe student përfiton falë Postës Shqiptare të tjera shërbime, po me komisione të ulëta në treg. Një prej këtyre shërbimeve është ajo e transfertës së parave. Për çdo të tillë brenda Shqipërisë, këta të rinj përfitojnë zbritje me 50% në komision.

With the Albanian Post, the student period is not characterized by difficult moments. With the Albanian Post, such circumstances are created for students to get to know themselves and what surrounds them; to develop hidden skills and talents, as well as to connect with the roots of their country.

Fast, Secure, Anywhere.

Even for students.

This is the Albanian Post, with 110 years of history.

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