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Postpone the holidays! 15,700 flights were canceled at airports

Postpone the holidays! 15,700 flights were canceled at airports

Summer promises to be hot in every sense. Over 15,700 flights canceled in European skies so far. Short-haul ticket sales suspended for a week by British Airways and strike by Lufthansa.

The situation has partially improved compared to June and July, when the resumption of flights at the pre-pandemic peak found airlines and airports unprepared.

Most lines had been left with reduced staff since the pandemic. Despite the improvement of the last few days, August will not be without problems either.

"A hot August is expected and operators are very worried," says Ivana Jelinic, president of Fiavet (association of travel companies of Confcommercio). Because in the event of flight cancellation or delay, the logistical and economic burden of interruptions falls on agencies and tourist operators, who according to European directives must guarantee assistance and alternative solutions for customers.

But the impact of this air traffic chaos on operators is not limited to the costs and difficulties that must be faced immediately. The problem is that this situation seems to have discouraged some travelers in recent weeks, at least those who had not yet booked their holidays, who preferred to change their destination or postpone their departure to September.