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How to know if your crush likes you too 

How to know if your crush likes you too

You have a crush on someone, but you don't know if the other person has the same feelings. There are several ways to understand it, read below:

They want to keep in touch

If there isn't a day that goes by when the two of you haven't had a conversation, it's pretty obvious that your crush likes you. If they struggle to keep the conversation going and never hesitate to talk about the smallest things with you, it shows that they want to talk to you and may always want to keep in touch.

They make sweet gestures towards you

Whether it's grabbing your favorite sandwich on the go or buying you a chocolate whenever you're hungry, it shows they care about you. While this proves that they are aware of your likes and dislikes, it also proves that you like them.

They take a stand for you

If it's about an unfair decision against you at work or university, or a person who is mistreating you in front of them, if he/she is the first person to take a stand, whether you're there or not, it's more than obvious they may have feelings for you.