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How to help your child with low self-esteem feel more confident 

How to help your child with low self-esteem feel more confident
Rejection, criticism, which is made to a person, is what makes them value themselves less. Children can also be prone to times when they lose self-esteem and become insecure about themselves, and parents should always be there for them, to lift them up and make them more confident in themselves. No matter how stubborn and inconsolable they are, here are some things you can do to help your insecure child and make him more confident in life.

Find the cause of their insecurity, offer help

Parents should communicate with their children about everything. In the case of a child who has confidence, sitting on himself becomes even more important. Only when you have conversations will you be able to find the source of their insecurity. Once you do, you can offer to help them, improve their problem-solving skills, and even come up with different ways to help them gain more self-confidence.

Teach them to love themselves

No matter how many mistakes your child makes, guide them through the process and show them what they can learn from each of those mistakes. Don't let them "suffocate" with self-pity and guilt, which can contribute to their insecurity. Teach them how to love themselves and not let criticism, negative emotions and people's comments affect them negatively.

Check their movements on social media

With the digital world taking over our lives, social media platforms can be a huge contributing factor to your child's insecurities. Whether it's in the form of critical comments or negative judgments, your child can be affected by any of these things. That said, make sure you know what's going on in their personal and social lives. However, in a limited way do not overdo it.

Make sure you are polite to them

A good parent never uses harsh words no matter what mistakes their child may make. When it comes to a child with low self-esteem, being critical of them is what takes the biggest toll on the mind. Instead of using unproductive, cruel ways of parenting, acknowledge their efforts and push them to be better.

Create a safe and loving space at home

The best way to help your child overcome their insecure nature is by creating a safe and loving space for them at home. Do not burden them with the challenges you face as parents, instead protect them from all negative energies. As you make them aware of the realities of the world and prepare them for the challenges ahead, be compassionate towards them as well.