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Roger Federer's three lectures to fresh graduates who all ask: what's your plan now

Roger Federer's three lectures to fresh graduates who all ask: what's

Tennis legend Roger Federer received an honorary doctorate from Dartmouth College in the US on Sunday. In his speech, Federer delivered inspirational lessons about life to the newly graduated students.

Full speech:

Graduates, I understand your pain

I know how you feel when they ask you, what are your plans for the rest of your life

They ask me, now that you are no longer a professional tennis player, what are you going to do?

I do not know. And it's ok not to know

So what am I going to do with my time?

I'm a father first, so I think I'll take the kids to school

I will play online chess against strangers

I will sweep the house with a vacuum cleaner

Truth be told, I love the life of a 'graduate' tennis player

Some lessons I learned through this transition

Let's call them tennis lessons

I believe they will be useful in life beyond Dartmouth

Here is the first one

Ease is a myth

I say this as someone who has heard this word a lot


People may have said my game was easy

Most of the time they said it as a compliment, but it stressed me out when they said, he barely broke a sweat

I don't know where I got this super talent

I got to where I was trying to face my opponents

I believe in myself, but self-belief has to be earned

Yes talent is and yes, talent matters

I will not come out here and tell you that no, it does not matter

But talent has a broad definition

Most of the time it's not like something you have as a gift, but it's courage

In tennis, a forehand with the right speed can be called a talent

but in tennis as in life, discipline is also a talent

and so is the patience to see yourself as a talent

embracing the process loving the process is a talent

To manage life, to manage yourself

It can be talents too

Some people are born with these skills, but everyone needs to work on them

The second lecture is just one point

Let me clarify

You can work harder than you thought possible and still lose

It has happened to me many times

Tennis is rough

For me the biggest was the final at Wimbledon in 2008

Me against Nadal

Some call it the greatest match of all time

Ok, all due respect to Rafa, but I think it would have been much, much better if I had won

Some defeats hurt more than others

I know I won't have another six in an inning

I lost Wimbledon

I lost the first place in the ranking

And people with pity said: He had a great journey

Is this the changing of the guard?

Yes, I knew what I had to do

To keep working and competing

In tennis, perfection is impossible

In the 1526 matches I played in my career, I won almost 80% of them

Now I have a question for you

What % of points do you think I won in these matches?

Only 54%

The truth is, whatever game you play in life, you're going to have to lose sometimes

One point, one game, one season, one job

It is a roller coaster with many ups and downs

The best in the world are not the best because they win every point

It's because they know they will lose again and again and have learned how to deal with it

Here is the third lesson

Life is bigger than a field

A tennis court is a small space

From the start I knew that tennis would show me the world, but tennis can never be the world

I can't wait to see what you do next

Whatever game you choose, do your best

Take the opportunity, play free, try everything

Above all, be kind to each other and have fun

Congratulations again class of 2024