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The strange viral trend about the Roman Empire has left women with question marks

The strange viral trend about the Roman Empire has left women with question

Last week, in a series of videos posted on social media, women asked men how often they think about the Roman Empire.

And surprisingly, many men responded that they think about it quite often – some on a daily basis.

According to The Washington Post, the trend first started on Instagram when Artur Hulu—a history influencer from Sweden—posted a video to his 100,000 followers saying, “Ladies, many of you don't [realize] how often men think about the Roman
Empire .”

From there, wives started popping the question to their husbands and shared the surprising results on social media.

Carson Daly, an American presenter, admitted on "Today" that he thinks about the Roman Empire every day.
"First of all, the movie Gladiator is in every guy's top five favorite movies," Daly explained. "I think it's become part of the ... psyche of young people."

Experts who have discussed the social media trend have mixed opinions on whether frequent thoughts of the Roman Empire could be linked to regressive male behavior.

"Ancient Rome was certainly patriarchal and violent," Lewis Webb, a historian of ancient Rome at the University of Oxford, told The Washington Post n. "But it was also a diverse place: there were multiple forms of masculinity, women could have freedom and power, and there were multiple gender expressions and identities, and different sexualities."

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