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Video / A fox was walking the streets of London with a Gucci bag

Video / A fox was walking the streets of London with a Gucci bag

Wander Wale and his friend were walking the streets of London when they came across one of those scenes that left them speechless: in front of them was a fox walking down the street with a bag between his teeth. And not a bag of any kind, but a Gucci.

Wale and his friend, two Brazilians currently living in Dublin, Ireland, were returning from Tower Bridge to go to the London Eye when they saw the fox running down the street.

"At first we thought it was a dog, but when she approached they realized it was a fox and so we got our cell phone and started filming. "If we had not done it, no one would have believed it."

After a while, perhaps frightened by the presence of the two Brazilians, the fox threw the bag on the ground and left. Wale took the bag to see if there were documents inside but nothing. So he gave it to a woman who was passing by: "The woman who had bags left was passing by on the street, we do not know her, but she seemed like a good man," they said.

Within hours, the video posted on social media went viral, highlighting users' irony: "I have never felt so poor," wrote one woman, adding smiling faces. "In London, a fox also has a branded bag." Another writes: “A story like this would not have been credible if it had not been filmed. "Nobody will know where he got the fox bag, but of course it has refined flavors."