Friday… at Open Tech Day

Friday… at Open Tech Day
It's Friday, the sweet threshold of the weekend, when each of us starts making plans, if not to move out of the city, to find small, nearby entertainment... Orientations, according to the information that is already easily obtained on social media, it could be a movie at the cinema, a theater performance, a bar or restaurant that is trending or that has just opened new.

But there may be more to it than that. Something completely different, that can entertain you by informing you, about what today is among the things that interest us the most: technology. Every time there are new discoveries in this field, the curiosity becomes greater and greater. That's why we are proposing this Friday, Open Tech Day, right near Tirana, at the
Vodafone Albania store, in TEG.

Friday… at Open Tech Day

Starting from 18.00 to 20.00, today you will be able to quench your curiosity there about the latest technological innovations: for the iPhone 14, which you can find at the best price on the market, for Giga Wi-Fi, the new device with internet everywhere, for new kids watch that guarantees parents control over their children, without bothering them at all. You will be able to learn more about the SIM service, which is offered only by Vodafone Albania in the Albanian market. How it is activated and what it is for you, you can learn if you go to Open Tech Day today, where a dedicated team will explain everything to you.

It's Friday and quenching some new tech curiosities will make your
weekend even more interesting.

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