Not just #Everywhere, but #HealthyEverywhere

Not just #Everywhere, but #HealthyEverywhere

Recently, more and more people have become aware of healthy living. They have started to eat healthy, do routine checks and check-ups, go to the gym and do sports in general, as well as feed their mind and soul with positive energy.

Of course, Vodafone is everywhere with its subscribers and the latter are everywhere with Vodafone: when they go hiking and make beautiful live posts, when they get interesting suggestions on where to travel thanks to Vodafone ambassadors, when they study the healthy recipes of the most popular bloggers. good food thanks to fast internet, when they save on Instagram the best exercises and follow the best fitness, yoga or meditation instructors step by step. Because yes, without quality internet there is no quality life!

We must also not forget that Vodafone's philosophy is to interweave technology with the human spirit. And technology is a powerful tool for our physical and spiritual well-being! This is exactly the reason why Vodafone's latest campaign is titled #LiveHealthy. A series of important personalities from the world of social networks share in this campaign tips on how followers and subscribers of the best telecommunications company can live as healthy a life as possible...

Fitness instructor, Marin Camaj, shows us how walking in nature and grounding are good for our body, as much as the message that the sun appears in the morning, so it's good to start the day with simple exercises as soon as we wake up. Thus we feel renewed and fill the body with oxygen. Taulant Nukaj shares his experience that for a healthy body and mind he combines sports with love for nature and animals, which is really good for the soul. The same can be said about the drone master, Duli Kasmi, whose fantastic videos have a healing and rejuvenating effect not only for his soul, but also for those who follow him. For those who are passionate about energetic sports, Anxhi Celiku shows how this connection with nature and sports has helped her to be healthier. But above all, since we are also in pink October, Vodafone contributes to a healthy life not only with awareness, but also with a concrete donation. In collaboration with psychotherapist Belina Pupa, Vodafone will donate free therapy and counseling to girls and women affected by breast cancer.

Technology and the Internet can play an important role in healthy living, as it helps us get inspired and find the right advice online, from nutrition to sports that keep us physically and mentally fit.

The #LiveHealthy campaign is a continuation of Vodafone's commitment to be as close to the community as possible and to serve as many of its customers as possible.

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