These museums show the future, not the past

These museums show the future, not the past

When you think of a museum, what do you imagine? Old documents, objects of the past, medieval manuscripts. Classical statues and antiques. Or maybe stuffed animals and dinosaur skeletons. So anything that shows the past.

Recently there has been another trend. Several museums of the future have been opened. As can be understood, most of them are based on technology and innovation.

Art Science Museum, Singapore

In the heart of Singapore, a building combines art, science and technology.

The Art-Science Museum has become known for its exhibits that transcend boundaries. Last year, the gallery transported visitors to California's Sequoia National Park - a forest of giant trees. 3D stereo sound, scent distribution systems and wind machines were used to immerse visitors in the forest.

One installation, called 'Crystal Universe', is a breathtaking journey into the stars. Visitors walk through over 170,000 LED lights to appear as though they are touching the stars.

These museums show the future, not the past

Museum of the Future, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A technology cabinet of curiosities is found on seven floors. From flying penguins to digital renderings of plant and animal species and a library of 4,500 animal DNA codes. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

The museum is also home to a real family of robots. It is precisely the robots that interact with people.

These museums show the future, not the past

Museum of Robots and Artificial Intelligence in Seoul, South Korea

Many of us are worried about the impact of robots and artificial intelligence (AI) on our daily lives, but a new museum aims to put our minds at ease.