25 Rreshtat e Mirës

If you don't want to die, adapt!

If you don't want to die, adapt!

Of course, these are the elections that history will remember for the precedent, but also their uniqueness.

The madness of the political class, which has been on the fore-front for 25 years, did not find a common denominator, because the lack of stability is of interest to a minority in politics, more than any deal, or agreement.An Albania down the rabbit hole, is the ideal agreement that guarantees security, this is clear enough. But, suppose we do not vote in these locales, which in fact is the closest government to the services for the citizens. Ask yourself a question, where would it lead us, what would it bring for us? After August 10, if there is no renewed mandate, every municipality is blocked, seizes work, and the country goes into chaos. Legally, nothing can happen, neither cleaning out the trash, nor getting many services.

These are not militant or party elections, but they are the source of oxygen in Albania! They are essential!

Of course, this is voting, rather than elections, as there are no opponents, but do go and vote, either give them your vote, or make it invalid, but do go and vote, to punish any vagabond who has your future as a citizen, tied into a knot with their political future.

Do Vote, not because you're brave, but because you must fear a future that foreshadows darkness and chaos.

A few days ago I watched a Netflix documentary about the royal family in England.

It was a documentary that taught you how the dark arts of survival by the people on thrones in this family had been their strong suit. When all the cousins, from the Russian Czar, who was killed in the cellar, together with his entire family, (because the Czar's first cousin, George V, thought of his own spot in history, more than the fate of his childhood friend, to whom, in the end, did not grant asylum, because the country would not take it well), other children or grandchildren of Queen Victoria crashed and burned in the world, they stayed.

They had made a few dark compromises, but the journalist's statement made it crystal clear: If you do not want to die, adapt!

Thus, perhaps even in Albania, Sunday, June 30, makes you face your conscience about life in this country, and not about the technical issues that make the process controversial. You will get rid of a principle for the common good if asked. This was discovered by countries that invented human rights, democracy, parliament, opponent ...

No one wants to die anymore, but live and perform a courageous act in the name of normality. Normals go to the voting booths, abnormals seek violence and war. There's not much strength left in this country for war. Not one bit...!