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Squid Game The Challenge: Lojtarët kërkojnë kompensim për dëmtimet

Squid Game The Challenge: Lojtarët kërkojnë kompensim për

Squid Game: The Challenge contestants are seeking compensation for injuries they allegedly suffered on the show, their lawyers said.

Lawyers representing two players said they "suffered injuries such as hypothermia and nerve damage".

The reality show based on the hit South Korean drama Squid Game saw 456 real players battle it out for a prize of $4.56m (£3.66m).

They took part in a series of challenges inspired by the original show, including the popular Green Light Red Light game.

The law firm handling the case says the unnamed contestants suffered their injuries when "they had to stand still for hours in freezing temperatures during filming."

Daniel Slade, CEO of the firm said: The competitors thought they were taking part in something fun and the injured did not expect to suffer as much as they did.

"Now they are left with injuries after spending time stuck in painful stress positions in cold temperatures."