Aleksandër Meksi: I, the Prime Minister, doubled the price of bread and went to the office the next day

Aleksandër Meksi: I, the Prime Minister, doubled the price of bread and

Former First Prime Minister of Pluralism Alexander Meksi, withdrawn from politics since the civil conflict in 97, occasionally appears in a nostalgic interview. Invited to the morning show on ABCnews, his comment on the increase in the price of bread has caught the eye:

Enkel Demi: You are the prime minister who increased the price of bread?

Alexander Meksi: Twice. I remember the "Voice of the People": The bread crisis begins. Nothing happened because they were given money, as much as that was the difference.

Enkel Demi: Agreed, yes it has been a scary rise. The bread cost 52 old lekë, and the next day it cost 400 or so old lekë. It was an increase I do not know how much%. You went to work that day. You did not get the car. You did not get bodyguards. You walked from the house to the office. We were waiting for you to get in the meat grinder. Nothing happened. How do you explain it?

Aleksandër Meksi: Albanians managed to understand that an era change was taking place, which would have the overthrow of many things. At that time, no one complained when he was fired that he was given assistance. As they continue today, day by day, even a respectable friend of mine, a scientist, tells us about the actions for this, for the military landings. And a journalist I met down there, in an interview when I turned 60, asked me, what have you done for women? The brigadiers were removing the third shift, I told the military, and they were laughing. These were epochal changes that would occur. Albania did not overthrow communism. It fell as a system that failed in the first place in economics and secondly in political relations.

It is about years when Albanians had just emerged from dictatorship and were little aware of freedom and rights.

After 30 years, Albanians are another type of citizen, more and more demanding or complaining about their rights. Although politics from all directions is more part of the mentality and age of the time when Meksi went to work without putting a thorn in his side when raising the price of bread.