Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are sent to the User’s computer, smartphone or other access device when he/she visits a website and allow browsing information to be obtained and collected, and may even recognise the User’s computer or device.

Cookies are essential for using the Internet and offer countless benefits in terms of interactive services, making it easier to use and browse websites. Cookies cannot harm your system, and are used to identify and resolve errors in accessing web pages or their services.

www.tiranapost.al uses cookies to collect information about use of its website by users and to improve their browsing experience. By accepting all cookies users accept and agree to www.tiranapost.al storing cookies on their system or electronic device for the aforementioned purposes. Moreover, you hereby recognise the possibility of rejecting the processing of such data or information by setting your browser to reject cookies. However, the option to block cookies in your browser may prevent enjoyment of all www.tiranapost.al‘s features.

Blocking cookies:

The cookies installed on your system can be permitted, blocked or deleted via the browser settings, in accordance with the following instructions:

Google Chrome: Tools → Settings → Show advanced options → Content settings → Cookies → Block third-party cookies and site data.

Mozilla Firefox: Tools → Options → Privacy → Privacy → History → Use custom settings for history (uncheck all boxes).

Internet Explorer: Tools → Internet Options → Privacy → Setting for the Internet zone (move the slider up to block all cookies).

Safari: Edit → Preferences → Privacy → Block cookies (select “always”).

Or through the following links:

Cookie settings in Internet Explorer http://windows.microsoft.com/ es-es/windows7/how-to-manage- cookies-in-internet-explorer-9
Cookie settings in Chrome https://support.google.com/ chrome/answer/95647?hl=es
Cookie settings in Firefox https://support.mozilla.org/ es/kb/habilitar-y- deshabilitar-cookies-que-los- sitios-we
Cookie settings in Safari https://support.apple.com/kb/ PH17191?locale=es_ES
Moreover, private mode can be enabled in most browsers to delete cookies after the visit.

Finally, www.tiranapost.al reserves the right to amend the Cookie Policy at any time. Users should therefore check the Cookies Policy regularly.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Cookies Policy:

Email: [email protected]

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