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What have I done at home and what will I do when I get out!

What have I done at home and what will I do when I get out!

I see you coming out every day with your feet barefoot and talking about the books we can read. Let's start with the form: Why did you choose this way? Have you seen it somewhere? Looking to get attention? Or is the form first today, even when we are talking about books?

In fact, the first time I did it, it came naturally to me. I'm at home, I'm barefoot at home, it's even a very nice contact with the ground, I get strength there even though unfortunately it's not the real ground, but it's nothing. Then and reading me gives me the feeling of a natural thing, standing on the ground. Then I read a lot of comments, even from honorable ladies, some kept themselves and citizens (to be barefoot does not show the citizen says one) this further strengthened my desire. Give content to what I say, even though not with the seriousness of the feet with socks or shoes (shoes at home? It's not hygienicJ)

Do you think that after a crisis like this of Covid, we will return from the content or even more in terms of form?

We were out of shape, we were too much. Everyone's wish is to return to the content, some will do I think. But reading Maria I felt in him the pessimism that after we go out we will rush again as before. Here, too, the ability to understand and reflect on society plays a role. I have this very strong fear within myself.

I personally think that the form will prevail and the crises instead of crushing the totalitarian systems actually seem to be crushing the free man. But since we are on this topic, which author or who should we read?

Ehh, let's just say I've seen better. We have it, but we have to do what we can to prevent it. Anyone can do something. You with the writings you choose to publish, I with the books you choose to promote. Very beautiful on this topic, ie the fight against totalitarianism and for individual freedom, can be read "The Fraudster" by Javier Cercas, or "The White Tiger" by Aravind Adiga. Either the "Midnight Kids" by Salman Rushdie, or Roberto Saviano's "The Donkey".

What book are you reading yourself?

Now an amazing book: "Fate and the Storm" by Lauren Groff, a book highly promoted by Barack Obama, and now that I'm reading it I understand why. Meanwhile, I am editing an iconic book on freedom and totalitarianism: "The Banality of Evil" by Hannah Arendt.

Have books been sold? If you have information, which book is being bought the most by Dudaj?

In fact, more than books have been sold, I think people have also read unread books. But a number of books have also been sought. Isabel Allende I think is the most sought after writer. But also the books of Nesbo, Maria, Lwckberg.

Do you follow the news?

Uhh at first a lot. But I was very careful to read only reliable media. CNN, BBC, La reppublicca, Ansa and Tiranapost. Always. Then little by little I began to seldom, because at first it seemed to me that things would change moment by moment. In fact, it would not take weeks or months.

Do you agree with the measures taken by the government?

Yes. I agreed with the measures taken. Now I think that slowly it will start to open up, life will start and we will live together. No sense in telling you now - I don't wanna ruin the suprise.

How are you doing at home?

I have no problem staying home before. But when they stop, there comes a moment when you feel like you are drowning. In fact, I even went to work on set schedules, but I also did things that normally take time. I did Yoga every day with my online class. Before I could do it every day. Reading has been more numerous. I’ve seen beautiful movies. And I didn’t cook anything, because I don’t know J

What will you do when normalcy comes?

I will do the things I have always done, but I think I will know their value more, I will enjoy them more. And who knows what I will come up with after the quarantine, I will find out as soon as it comes out and I will tell you on the phone.

Are you afraid of Covid?

Fare. I have had no fear of myself since day 1. But I have been afraid of my parents who are still locked up and I have not met them.

Would you like to be in New York today or in Tirana?

I would like to be barefoot in a beautiful grassy place, in the middle of nature. By doing the things I did before but with more taste and brandy.