Tirana will have an indoor stadium for athletics

Tirana will have an indoor stadium for athletics

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj received in a meeting the President of the European Athletics Federation, Dobromir Karamarinov, with whom they talked about investments in the sport of athletics and other disciplines.

"Sport unites people! Due to the war in Ukraine, part of the Ukrainian athletics team has taken refuge in Albania. What we did with the Jews, with our brothers from Kosovo, what we did with the Afghans, what we did with the Iranians, we are now doing with the citizens of Ukraine. "Especially for mothers with children", said Veliaj.

"Apart from the Olympic Park, we also have the field behind the University. It is a space where we want Izmir, Luiza, who are our best, to have a very dignified space to train. This is the message given by the Municipality of Tirana with the federations that do not steal the elections, that do not sell the matches, that do not place bets abroad to sell the ideal and talent of our young people. With the Football Federation, we did not allow the elections in Tirana to be stolen. We have set a standard here ", Veliaj continued.

Speaking about investments in Tirana, he added that the next mandate will be invested in an indoor athletics stadium, while mentioning some other dignified investments for sports.

Next term we want to make a closed athletics stadium, just as we want to renovate and reconceptualize the stadium "Selman Stërmasi" and the sports palace "Asllan Rusi" - so these are three major projects in sports. Next month we will take over the pools of Tirana; even give the Swimming Federation what it deserves, as its 20-year contract there has ended. So, things are coming where they should, in their country, where we give the federations, sports, talents the assets to develop their activity ", he concluded.

The President of the European Athletics Federation, Dobromir Karamarinov, expressed his satisfaction that Tirana is paying special attention to athletics.

"You are ready to make a new athletic track and I think we will find the best solution for athletics, the best solution for all young people in Tirana, to have the opportunity to practice our beautiful sport. "This will give Tirana the opportunity to host another competition not only on the streets, but also on the track," said Karamarinov.