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We have become addicted to negativity. Media speculation about Princess Kate sealed this fact of our time

We have become addicted to negativity. Media speculation about Princess Kate

Since I have a news portal, friends and strangers have been asking me about the princess these days in the Instagram chat. And what I noticed is that everyone deep down didn't want the truth enough to confirm that bad news, occult, death and extramarital affairs scenarios were likely. To say that I read it somewhere or saw it somewhere - does not mean anything. Yes, nothing! I really want to explain this to my mom, relatives, followers and especially to myself. I, who am writing now, have no supernatural powers, I am just as susceptible to whatever flies online. We are all on the same train.

We are living the greatest deformation of communication. If this is Freedom of Expression then better without it!

Now that Kate Middleton has told the truth, forced to appear in front of the whole world and give explanations about her illness with cancer, there is a feeling of relief, irritation with evil, but when you read the question: Why don't you tell what cancer you have? And Blah, blah, blah... Mix it up! The most famous and most followed sites are the most banal ones in Albania.

What does this tell us? Everyone knows the answer. The consequence is not to blame, and the bad media so fashionable and followed, is not the plan itself.

They are also run by people like us, we live in a time. With a slight difference: some are the beneficiaries of the business of hate. Others are customers of hate.

Why so?

Because the evil has already opened the dam with the help of the evil media, the lazy leaders who have left humanity in the hands of Mark Zuckerberg and his classmates.

Of a market that depends on clicks!

And politics is interested in a society immersed in gossip, ignorance, conspiracy, scandals. A poorly informed society is easily controlled!

This phenomenon is even going beyond clicks, beyond business.

We are changing as human beings, as social beings.

We are transforming into individuals who are guided and kept alive by evil. And no one wins from this, at most infected.

Get well soon princess! Let's hope that a cure will be found for the disease of Negativity!