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Let's not accept the disintegration of the family

Let's not accept the disintegration of the family

By Mira Kazhani/ Three women were killed today! Two in Paskuqan and one in Kamez. It doesn't matter what they represented or what connected them to their killer. A marriage, a coincidence, etc., etc..

Women who set the table last night, turned off the TV and I don't know if they slept peacefully, but surely none of them could have known that it was the last starry night.

But why do women continue to be killed by men? The mentality! Impunity as well. And this word impunity seems to have made the cause so lifeless, as if it stiffens it inside a courtroom and leaves it there.

Penal policy is not enough; If we do not deal with the roots of crime against women! If we do not fight our mentality and worldview as a society!

It can only be solved with justice, no matter how convenient it is for us to leave some things to the laws, or to some men and women up there!

A question instead of a concrete example: Women's quotas in politics, after so many years, did they do the mission for them? Even the quota women themselves have not been able to do anything to emancipate society. Maybe not even yourself.

We are not a normal society today. We are polarized, bigbrotherized, between skyscrapers, luxury cars, holiday homes with a beautiful Instagram picture in the face of poverty, the weak, the abused, the unemployed, the hopeless, but who have eyes on their foreheads. We all live in a circle looking each other in the eye, comparing each other, charging each other.

For the latter, violent rhetoric in public life lends a helping hand, which together with polarization and living in alternative realities only breeds crime.

How to fight a mentality?

1- With textbooks in schools

2-With the labor market

3- With justice and public/political responsibility

For the latter, this example of the day is enough. Today in Greece, the Minister of Infrastructure resigned. Of course, he is not to blame when two trains collide, but society wants examples and messages of political responsibility.

When these elements take shape we may be ready to talk about other very important causes, but as a singer of the new generation told me beautifully and honestly two weeks ago on the podcast I do, we have a big river to cross to the topics of "Italy".

You can imagine how many topics there are that if I mention them in this article, we will forget the women who were killed, the women who are killed, the violence that we are not able to overcome and from which the viciousness emerges.

We are late, but better late than never!