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Writer Enkelejd Lamaj returns with an extremely shocking thriller

Writer Enkelejd Lamaj returns with an extremely shocking thriller

"Everything You Have" is the most anticipated novel of the year. But this novel has been coming for a long time. Enkelejd Lamajnjet is known by all as the first and only writer to challenge the reader with his terrifying stories and novels. After three collections of horror stories and two novels, the latest "The Dark One", which is already turning into the first Albanian horror film, Enkelejd Lamaj comes with a thriller novel, which tells us a creepy story, full cruel terror of high tension, which is as unbelievable as it is dark and gloomy.

When the writer Adelina Hoxhaj wakes up in a hospital bed, she does not remember why she is there and what she did, but even when they tell her, she still does not believe her, until she goes home and looks at the upside down room, the furniture and destroyed and the words written in blood: All you have! Slowly, her life will be turned upside down and, with it, the life of the whole capital. Parallel to it, between chaos and unprecedented cruelty, journalist Sidorela Ejlezi will pursue her ambition and desires, but at what price?

Whenever there is a scary scene, like some of them that this novel explores, we ask ourselves: do we ask for the most horrible details ourselves? But why, or why not? Is not just a shout from the other side of a closed door enough to convince us that something terrible is happening? But with the writer Enkelejd Lamaj nothing is enough. And during the novel "Everything you have", the door will stay open and something in our soul will break. Tirana has never had a serial killer before. Now he has it! They call it the Black Butterfly. He is an unscrupulous murderer, who enters the homes of the victims and massacres them, mutilating their organs in cruel ways. But he is not content with the living alone. He does not leave the dead alone either. His signature is exactly a black butterfly, fixed with a nail to the victim's neck.

It becomes clear, and not for the first time, that Enkelejd Lamajtë leads with EVERYTHING YOU have in Albanian territory, more and more distant and never violated before, the borders and nightmares can hardly be easily overcome (if they can be overcome).

The novel "Everything you have" is published by the publishing house "Noah's Ark" and will be available in the bookstore from 14.9.2021. Until then, the novel can be booked online with -30% discount, through the official pages and profiles of the author and the house publisher.