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The scandal with the files in The Hague, one of the main prosecutors resigns

The scandal with the files in The Hague, one of the main prosecutors resigns

Following the scandal with the files that were sent to the offices of KLA veterans, one of the main prosecutors in The Hague has resigned. These files are said to have revealed the names of witnesses and their testimonies.

The Deputy Prosecutor in the Specialized Prosecutor's Office, Kwai Hong Ip, has resigned after thousands of files, which, among other things, allegedly contain the names of witnesses and their testimonies, fell into the hands of KLA veterans.

Contacted today by Gazeta Ekspress, the Specialized Prosecutor's Office preferred not to comment on this issue.

For a period, Deputy Prosecutor Ip has held the position of Special Prosecutor, following the departure of David Schwendiman.

In his capacity as Special Prosecutor, Kwai Hong Ip interviewed KLA members summoned to The Hague as suspects.

The scandal of the files that were sent to OVL-KLA is the reason for the dismissal of the deputy prosecutor.

Meanwhile, the issue of the thousands of files that the KLA veterans' organization says they received in their office is still a mystery. It is not known by whom they were brought, but the leaders of the organization say that it contains data from the investigations that the Special Tribunal is conducting.

The organization of KLA veterans, which opposes the existence of the Special Tribunal, says that the files that came to their office contain original documents of the Tribunal.

Special officials twice vacated the OVL-KLA office and confiscated documents brought to them by masked persons twice within two weeks.

Ip is a British lawyer with extensive experience as an international prosecutor in the Western Balkans. He has been Schwendiman's Deputy as Special Prosecutor and as Chief Prosecutor of the Special Investigation Task Force (TFHS), the head of the Special Prosecutor's Office.

Ip joined the TFHS in June 2012 as Deputy Chief Prosecutor and served as Acting Chief Prosecutor from August 2014 to May 2015 following the departure of the first Chief Prosecutor, Ambassador Clint Williamson, and prior to Schwendiman's arrival.

The Specialized Prosecutor's Office is investigating crimes allegedly committed by former KLA members from 1998 to the end of 2000.

This office has already filed war crimes indictments against President Hashim Thaci and former Parliament Speaker Kadri Veseli, who constituted the KLA leadership during the war in Kosovo.