Leonardo DiCaprio criticizes Albanian government for HPPs in Vjosa River

Leonardo DiCaprio criticizes Albanian government for HPPs in Vjosa River

The world famous and beloved actor and environmentalist, Leonardo Dicaprio took to Instagram on Thursday to raise awareness in regard to the protection of the river Vjosa in Albania. In his post, Dicaprio criticizes the plans of the goverment to build a hydropower plant in the Vjosa river, stressing the immense ecological and environmental risks in doing so.

"This is one of Europe?s last wild rivers. But for how long?? ?

The Vjosa river runs through the forest-covered slopes of Greece?s Pindus mountains to Albania?s Adriatic coast.? Albania?s government has set in motion plans to dam the Vjosa to generate much-needed electricity for one of Europe?s poorest countries, with the intent to build eight dams along the main river.? ?

It?s part of a world hydropower boom, mainly in Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and less developed parts of Europe. Some tout hydropower as a reliable, cheap and renewable energy source that helps curb dependence on planet-warming fossil fuels. But some recent studies question hydropower?s value in the fight against global warming. Critics say the benefits of hydropower are overstated ? and outweighed by the harm dams can do.? ?Dams block the natural flow of water and sediment. They also can change the chemistry of the water and cause toxic algae to grow. Rivers are a crucial part of the global water cycle. They act as nature?s arteries, carrying energy and nutrients across vast landscapes, providing water for drinking, food production and industry", wrote Dicaprio on Instagram. Tiranapost.al