Five Albanian Prosecutions launch investigations against Mr. Armand Duka, accused of forging signatures, rigging elections and abuse of power

Five Albanian Prosecutions launch investigations against Mr. Armand Duka,

The President of Albanian Football Federation (AFF), Mr. Armand Duka is under investigation from five different Albanian Prosecution Offices. Mr. Duka is accused of forging signatures and abuse of power.

The Regional Football Associations of Tirana and Durrës have already filed their charges to the Prosecutions Offices of the respective cities against Mr. Duka and other officials of AFF for serious abuse of power and attempts to manipulate the election results on behalf of Mr. Armand Duka.

The Regional Football Associations accuse Mr. Duka of hiding the voter lists and for including of fictitious delegates in the election process. Therefore, they are turning to the judiciary system to restore the legitimacy of the elections.

A letter no. 23859 prot. on 26.11.2021, a procedural material for the criminal offense of "abuse of duty", provided by Article 248 of the Criminal Code, was referred to the Prosecutor's Office of the Tirana Judicial District with criminal charges against the leaders and employees of the Albanian Football Federation. Tirana prosecutor's office sources confirm that two more prosecutors will be added to the case to speed up the investigation.

The same situation is going on in the city of Durrës. Mr. Armand Duka, through manipulation and pressure, managed to manipulate the elections result and succeeded to appoint his people as delegates by adding fictitious names. For this reason, the Regional Football Association (RFA) of Durrës has registered to the District Prosecutor's Office a charge for manipulation of the elections result, abuse of power and forgery of signatures against the leaders of AFF.

Last week, Fundim Dollaku, a delegate who supports Mr. Duka, was arrested by the police under the charges of forging the signature of the Mayor of Shijak, to be able to vote illegally for Mr. Duka. The case is being investigated by Prosecutor's Office in Durrës, sources said.

After Tirana and Durrës, the Regional Football Associations of Fier, Gjirokastra and Korça filed their charges against the officials of AFF with the same accuse: Abuse of power and forging of signatures. The files contain facts and information of the violations that Armando Duka, together with his AFF staff, have performed to secure at all costs his 6th term as President.

The aforementioned associations describe the decisions and the procedural actions performed so far by the AFF as invalid and taken in contradiction and non-compliance with the provisions in the Statue of Regional Football Associations (RFA-s) and Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly of the AFF. Unanimously, all three associations state that the AFF is conducting elections in complete lack of transparency and in open disregard of statutory provisions.