Fedez in tears: Sex connected me with Chiara, but here's what she taught me about life

Fedez in tears: Sex connected me with Chiara, but here's what she taught me

Fedez's interview, the first after the separation from Chiara, was broadcast last night. Fedez talked about the relationship, what attracted him to Chiara, what he learned from the relationship with her, how the situation is today and what prompted the separation. He rejects betrayal as a cause, but admits that the story with the panettone scandal, in which Chiara was involved and the management she made of the situation, according to him, increased the tension between them.

For Chiara

"I don't want to cry... There is always a conspiracy around our numbers, as if everything was the result of a calculation. There are even those who have gone so far as to say that I have exploited my illness and profited from it. Let's talk about 'cheating', about a girl I'm said to be having an affair with. I am amazed at the ease with which certain things are said without any verification. Is it legitimate to say something like that without any evidence? I understand the obsession and the media exposure, but that cannot be an excuse. Whatever happens, Chiara will always be the mother of my children and the most important woman in my life, whether the love can last or not. I hope the situation between us calms down for the sake of our children. What bound me so closely to my wife? To be honest? Sex. The connection I felt with him... I... experienced like rarely. My wife also taught me that professionally sometimes you have to say no. I always say yes, like a pauper who became rich. When I was asked to do X Factor, no rapper was willing to do TV: 'I thought: They're giving me a lot of money, why should I say no?'"

As for the panettone scandal, Fedez said:

"I discovered the story when it was all public and I didn't like it. I am controlled from head to toe. I don't want to get into the nitty-gritty of the legal issue, but I want to say something about Chiara. I always wanted to protect him. It's fair to say I went crazy... for this story. We chose to be The Ferragnez... This situation made me feel bad about not being able to answer for something I didn't do. But this was not the reason why the marriage ended, although it contributed to the aggravation of the situation between us. Chiara could have handled the situation better, everyone got it wrong: I'm sure there is no bad faith. She chose to take all the responsibilities, she could and should explain that the responsibilities are not all hers. What about the managers?", said Fedez.

For children

"I asked Chiara not to publish the children's faces. I'm protecting my children from myself, at a time like this I don't want to hurt them. I cannot allow things about my children to be misconstrued. I believe that I am a good father, even if many accuse us of abusing the image of our children. I believe that parents, whether they like it or not, are a trauma for their children. I hope to be the lesser evil for them."

Drug experience, suicide attempt

"I come from a suburban country where there are standards that must be respected. Not all people who come from the street are made for the street: there are those who are prey and those who are predators, I was prey. You learn to be respected, but they beat you. I have removed enough. I didn't finish art school. As a teenager I also used drugs for a year, then I stopped because at the age of 18 I tried to kill myself by cutting my wrists. It was easy to get into the drug lane and hard to get out. With the help of my parents and other people I overcame it. It's something that happened 10 lives ago."