Why the main Albanian bosses of cocaine trafficking live in Dubai

Why the main Albanian bosses of cocaine trafficking live in Dubai

Journalist Artan Hoxha says that the main bosses of cocaine trafficking groups from Latin America to Europe are located in Dubai and not without reason. According to him, they can invest large sums of money there and in Albania they do not stay because they avoid conflicts with other groups.


The main bosses of large groups of cocaine traffickers from Latin America to Europe, are located in Dubai with the idea to invest there before the sums are dizzying from the sale of drugs but also to stay away from the eyes of European authorities. In Albania they do not have any problems, they have left only to avoid conflicts with other groups.

There are many in Ecuador, they have some forms of activity, during the pandemic where the blockade took place all over the world, the containers moved and their product cocaine, so they kept the European price intact and the demand increased. They had the demands and at no point was their cocaine trafficking network disrupted. Ecuador is also the place where drugs are produced.

The journalist was giving details about the Los Blancos operation, spread over 10 countries, where a powerful group that trafficked drugs was hit. From this group were captured 5 Albanians, among them Eldi Dizdari. Artan Hoxha said that he was lucky that Dizdari was caught in Dubai because according to him in Albania he would be untouchable; our authorities would not have arrested him.

It is suspected that Eldi Dizdari is related to the murder of October 4 in the bloc, as it is suspected that the conflict started between him and Ervin Matë. He was declared wanted by police although he was not present at the time of the shooting.