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Easter, politicians send wishes from Laç, Shkodër and their homes. 

Christian believers worldwide are celebrating Easter, a holiday that commemorate the resurrection of Jesus almost 2000 years ago.  Political and religious leaders in Albania have also extended their wishes using mostly social media to address their supporters. Some of them posted a picture of colored eggs, and others videos from sacred places like the Shna Ndou Church in Lac. Other politicians addressed Christian believers from their home towns.

Prime Minister Edi Rama posted a special picture from the Troshan Memorial, a special place where Gjergj Fishta grew up and then worked as a teacher and wished everyone a blessed Easter.

President Ilir Met posted  his own picture and wished all Albanians a happy and blessed Easter.

"This should be a moment of reflection, a day when each of us can meet our obligations and do our work not just in front of God but for the benefit of each other. Let us show the world our country's excellent religious harmony, and that our great values will triumph over our ego and personal interest. I am convinced that Albanians have always had the skill and wisdom but also understanding to work together for the sake of our national interest," Meta said.

Democratic Party chairman went live in Facebook from the Shna Ndou Church and wished Happy Easter to all Albanians.

"I pray for all of my countrymen, especially for those in need, those who are poor, those who are sick and those who suffer from injustice. I pray that the day when Jesus Christ was resurrected is the day of the revival of peace under the guidance of the almighty God. Let the Lord join us against injustice for a peaceful Albania and a better future," Basha said.

Rudina Hajdari who recently established her own party called Democratic Resolution which will be registered Monday, posted the wise words of  Father George Frendos to wish happy Easter to all believers.

?I can not be silent before the situation. I urge all politicians to do their moral duty and commit to a fair solution. They should be worried more about the common good rather than their chair. If the situation goes on like this, consequences will be severe for the people. We do not want the nation to suicide," Father Frendos said.

Even the former foreign minister Ditmir Bushati posted a congratulatory message to his followers from the city of Shkodra./Tiranapost/D.U